Before Departure

The following steps can be used as a guide before your departure at Najaf International Airport:

  • At the first checkpoint, show your passport and flight ticket to the airport security guards.
  • Stop vehicle for visual scan by the airport security guards.
  • Then go for passenger personal inspection by X-ray, metal detectors and cars also will be inspected by K9.​
  • After completing the security inspection, go to the departure terminal and the passenger services.

passenger services:

Inside the departure terminal and the passenger services follow these steps:

  • Check the check-in counter number of your trip through the information display screen.
  • Show your passport and flight ticket at the check-in counter to ship your laggage and take a Boarding card.
  • Go to the passport counters to verify the passenger information and seal exit from Iraqi territory.
  • Go to the Lounge waiting area, and the boarding gate of the trip.


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