Covid-19 update

Information & Update about Covid-19

At Najaf International Airport, we’re committed to making our airport as clean and safe as possible. When air travel becomes commonplace again, we want you to feel comfortable making your journey.

We want to share our processes and procedures with you, because after all, we’re in this together.

We know this global pandemic will change the world for years to come; we’re going to re-examine every step of a passenger’s journey to see how we can make the experience as safe and secure as possible. This may include looking at new touchless technologies and how the passenger can have more control in how they interact with surfaces and staff at our airport.


Frequently Asked questions?


  • Physical distancing floor decals are in place throughout all terminals, ensuring that we all are reminded to keep distance between ourselves and others.
  • Baggage carts in circulation are cleaned three times a day with a disinfectant, including frame, wheels, basket and handles. When the carts are collected, the handles are sanitized and returned to the signed sanitized cart collection areas for passengers use
  • All buses are cleaned several times daily and physical distancing is maintained.
  • Airport seating is being disinfected three times per day.
  • All touch points such as door handles, push bars, and handrails are cleaned four times in each eight-hour shift
  • All passenger screening machines in our departure and arrival sections are cleaned after each flight
  • All counters and passenger touch points, such as handles, buttons, railings, bins and more, are cleaned frequently and thoroughly.
  • Soap and hand sanitizer dispensers are located by high traffic areas as well as in all washrooms. They are being checked and refilled regularly several times a day
  • All passengers and employees are required to wear masks and hand gloves in the airport and on aircraft.
  • Health staff is on-site taking temperature checks from arriving and departing passengers in all flights.
  • Plan to arrive at the airport at least three hours before departure to prevent crowding at check-in or in security.
  • Bring a face covering with you – you are now required to wear a face covering in all airports, and throughout the duration of your flight.
  • If you’re picking up or dropping off passengers, please wait in your vehicle for them rather than coming into the airport.
  • Use a digital mobile boarding pass to limit your contact with physical objects in the airport.
  • Wash your hands. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the airport and refilled regularly.

As we look to the coming months, we know that new technologies will need to be implemented to make all our employees and passengers feel safe and secure at the airport.

Some of the options we are exploring include automatic temperature scans, purely digital check-in and boarding, remote shopping and food delivery, automated cleaning and more..

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