On Arrival

The following steps can be used as a guide when Arriving to Najaf International Airport:

  • Get off the plane and ride the bus to the arrival terminal.
  • Go to the passport counters to verify the your information and visa and seal entry into Iraqi territory.
  • Go to luggage area to receive your baggage belt area, checkin the information display screens of your trips which are deployed in.
  • Go to the final checkpoint for hand luggage and bags, then go outside the arrival terminal.
  • Go to the exit gate then to the parking area where taxis are there.

Information for Foreigners:

Visa instructions:

  • The passport must be valid.
  • Passengers should have an entry visa from the Iraqi Embassy.
  • All the Gulf countries except Yemen are allowed to enter Iraqi territory without a visa.
  • The rest of the countries, passangers must obtaine an Iraqi visa from the Iraqi embassy in their countries.


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