Airport Security

Airport Security

Is one of the most important structure at Najaf International Airpot.
We have implemented different combinations of measures by using human and material resources ensuring the safety of aircrafts, crew, passengers, and airport facilities of an unlawful interference acts on the ground or during flight.

Luggage Security Information:

A Safe

Prohibited items and Banned items:

Prohibited items list:

All kinds of Liquid if the total size of it is more than 1000 ml, such as water, shampoo, jelly, juices, honey, etc.
All kinds of food if the total size of it is more than 500 g.
All kinds of harmful machines such as scissors, razor blade, knife etc.
Perfume sprays, if they are more than 100 ml in size, as well as other sprays.
Games that resemble weapons like a pistol and a sword.
Tea tray if it contains liquid substance it is not allowed (If empty allowed).
Accessories and necklaces that resemble arms.
These materials are NOT allowed into the cabin of the aircraft, but permitted to be shipped as luggage in the compartment of the aircraft.

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Banned items list:

All kinds of Gas used in cooking.
All kinds of Weapons, military equipment and its accessories.
The gas canister as a pistol.
Medical oxygen is banned if it is without a medical permit and without permission from the aircraft captain.
Sleeping and soothing pills are banned without a medical authorization.
All kinds of Alcoholic beverages.
All kinds of Acidic substances, such as vinegar or pickles
These materials prevented their entry into the aircraft permanently ( NOT allowed to ship it in the cargo compartment OR enter the aircraft cabin).

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